Aquablation Therapy

Aquablation Therapy Treatment for BPH (enlarged prostate)

What is Aquablation Therapy?
Aquablation therapy is a surgical teatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Aquablation therapy uses the power of a water delivered with robotic and ultrasound precision to provide years of lasting BPH relief.

How does Aquablation Therapy work?
Aquablation therapy uses a high-pressure water jet to precisely remove obstructive prostate tissue under a combination of computer, ultrasound and cystoscopic (camera) guidance. The surgery is done while you are asleep under anesthesia and without any cuts in the skin. The surgery lasts about an hour. In most cases, you spend one night in the hospital going home the next day.

There are two key steps to the Aquablation procedure:

  • STEP 1: Every prostate is unique in size and shape. Aquablation therapy enables your surgeon to customize your procedure to your specific anatomy. This allows for lower rates of ejaculatory dysfunction compared to many traditional techniques.

Click the Video Below to Learn About "Creating a Personalized Surgical Map"

  • STEP 2: Once your surgeon has created a surgical map, a robotically-controlled, heat-free waterjet removes the prostate tissue that was outlined on the map. This robotic technology minimizes human error in removing prostate tissue, and ensures the prostate tissue is removed precisely and consistently.

Click the Video Below to Learn About "Surgical Animation of Prostate Removal by Aquablation"

What are the side effects of Aquablation therapy?
We know that the primary reason men are delaying surgery is because they are concerned about side effects.1 Most patients experience a few weeks of minor side effects such as burning with urination, urinary urgency and blood in the urine. In clinical studies, men who had Aquablation therapy had a very low rate of irreversible complications—incontinence, ejaculatory dysfunction, erectile dysfunction.2,3

impact on erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction or overall sexual satisfaction2,3,4

men with BPH preserve ejaculatory function with Aquablation therapy2,3,4

men with BPH did not have incontinence after Aquablation therapy2,3,4

Is Aquablation therapy right for you?
Aquablation therapy is a different kind of surgical procedure. Talk to your urologist to see if you’re a candidate.

Take the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) Quiz to measure how severe your symptoms are.

Take the Sexual Function Quiz to help you determine if maintaining sexual function after BPH surgery is important to you.

men with BPH wished their doctors would have discussed Aquablation therapy with them1

men with BPH would have considered Aquablation therapy if their doctor had told them about it1

Aquablation Recovery
As with most BPH procedures, you will wake up with a catheter. Patients typically stay overnight in the hospital. We may send you home with a catheter for a few days.

Once you are home, you may experience mild burning, urinary urgency and blood with urination for a couple of weeks. This is typically managed with mild pain medication.

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